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Expoconstrucción & Expodiseño 2019 ends, the version with the most innovation for the cons

  • More than 57.000 visitors during six days of fair.
  • More than 500 companies from Germany, Czech Republic, China, Turkey, India, Italy, Spain, Panama, the United States, Costa Rica, Mexico, Brazil, France, Argentina, Ecuador and Colombia were part of the commercial sample.
  • Expectations for USD 61.4 million left the business matchmaking of Expoconstrucción & Expodiseño.

Successfully finished a new edition of Expoconstrucción & Expodiseño, the most important scenario of knowledge, innovation and technology for the construction, design and architecture sector in Colombia and Latin America, which in nine pavilions brought together more than 500 national and international exhibitors, who made known the latest trends in materials, machinery, equipment, supplies, tools and services; as well as issues related to productivity and sustainable development in the country.

"Expoconstrucción & Expodiseño edition after edition has stablished as one of the most important platforms in the region for the projection and growth of the industry. In this fair, medium and long-term business were consolidated because of the presence of important companies in the sector, which allowed visitors to know first-hand the trends that are becoming popular in the market. This shows the strength of a sector that remains committed to generating employment and economic and social growth in Colombia”, said Sandra Forero, president of Camacol.

Sustainable paint made from polystyrene waste, high resistance eco-friendly PVC pipes, security doors with biometric reader, smart glass that replaces blinds or curtains, 3D printing in ceramics, construction of sports fields and Industry  4.0 applied in construction, were some of the innovations that could be seen in this edition.

"When we decided to participate in Expoconstrucción & Expodiseño, we decided to do it with the best. Thus, we brought from Europe the most innovative grass fibers for sports fields, we manage a wide variety of lawns that are suitable for different sports activities, have biomechanical properties and technology that creates safe surfaces and comfortable playgrounds. During the fair we had a very good reception from the attendees, they asked us about the versatility of our product and the innovation of it, they were surprised to know that we designed and installed the fibers for the Moscow Luzhniki Olympic Stadium, where it was inaugurated the Soccer World Cup of Russia in 2018", indicated Fernando Romero, commercial representative of SIS & Realturf.

The fair also featured the latest trends in architectural finishes for different spaces. Ceramics for floors and walls, water taps, locks, sanitary ware, color preferences (for different surfaces), among others, were the protagonists for those who were looking for ideas to renovate the most important spaces of their homes.

For Silvia Vélez, Coordinator of Madecentro, "Colombians always want to renovate some space of their home, to be at the vanguard of what they see in magazines, the internet or in television programs about house decoration. This is how Expoconstrucción & Expodiseño allows people who are interested in doing a remodeling to know first-hand the innovations, trends and developments that satisfy their needs and tastes of each person; For us as a company it is very important to participate in a scenario like this because we can offer  solutions for visitors in a practical way and according to what is being handled in the market".

Additionally and as part of the great commitment to make Colombia the Hub of the industry, the Foro Internacional de Desarrollo Urbano (International Urban Development Forum) took place during the fair, which was attended by speakers such as Rahul Mehrotra (India), Salvador García ( Mexico) and Alejandro Aravena (Chile), this last won the Pritzker Prize in 2016. They gave their vision about urbanization processes and the role of the construction sector; moreover they showed examples of urban development processes that have taken place in each of their countries and worldwide development.

"One of the proper design conditions is the balance between private and public. People lives better within cities than outside them, since they can have easier access to opportunities and are "powerful vehicles for creating wealth", commented Alejandro Aravena.

Also during the fair, was presented Retos de innovación (Challenges of Innovation), where research groups of the academy presented proposals for innovative solutions to difficulties that today presents the construction sector.

"In this occasion we wanted to create and develop an academic agenda that addresses the different issues that are booming in the sector talks. We started with the International Forum, where we were able to bring international speakers considered by industry and academia the best ones in their fields. Likewise, with the Universidad Nacional we developed a series of spaces where visitors could update themselves and learn from the new technologies that are revolutionizing the sector such as BIM, Edge Certification, drones in buildings, among others. And finally, we had our experiential tent with  Construyendo habilidades (Building Skills) where after three days of competition, and after demonstrating their skills and abilities in four processes that are part of the construction of a building, we rewarded the workers who stood out", explained Martha Moreno Mesa, manager of Camacol Bogotá and Cundinamarca.

"For the International Business and Exhibitions Center of Bogotá (Corferias), hold the biennial Expoconstrucción and Expodiseño, is a great bet to gather in one place the value chain of the industry. Our objective is to promote and strengthen the sectors of construction, architecture, infrastructure and design; this is how we developed different spaces so that our visiting public could find ideal solutions for their concerns related to the industry", concluded Lilian Conde, project manager at Corferias.

In the XV version of Expoconstrucción & Expodiseño, visitors and exhibitors of the fair, ratify that this is undoubtedly one of the scenarios of innovations, trends, updates, investments and sustainability to which everyone should go.

The next version of Expoconstrucción & Expodiseño will take place in 2021.